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How about some free Christmas gift tags? It’s BOGO Day here at Write Them On My Heart. And you won’t have to spend a dime! That being the case, I guess the “B” in Buy-One-Get-One needs to be modified in our particular case. So let’s have some fun and change that “B” around a bit.

Learning calligraphy seems to go in cycles. It comes back in fashion every 20 years or so, when everyone jumps on the bandwagon again. But it never totally goes out of style. Thank goodness. I was still a kid when I first learned calligraphy. I didn’t take a class. And there were no videos back then. No google. No You Tube. Not even a computer – gasp! So how in the world did I learn? …

I just started this blog and I already have FAQs! By the way, does the grammar in that title bother you as much as it bothers me? Nevertheless, that is the first burning question. Write Them On My Heart? What is them?