Luke 13:12

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I know you are going to have a light bulb over your head like I did! This is good stuff …

In Luke 13:10-17, there is a story about Jesus healing a woman on the Sabbath. Back then it was a big no-no to do anything on the Sabbath. We know this because verse 14 says,

“But the ruler of the synagogue, indignant because Jesus had healed on the Sabbath, said to the people, ‘There are six days in which work ought to be done. Come on those days and be healed, and not on the Sabbath day.'” Jesus then proceeds to call them out on the ridiculousness of that rule.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

Indeed, that is what we usually talk about when studying these verses. But today as I was reading those verses, something else jumped off the page. The Word is living and active, right? {Hebrews 4:12}

Take a look at verse 12: “When Jesus saw her, he called her over and said to her, ‘Woman, you are freed from your disability.'”

Two things. Cool things!

~ Jesus saw her. Verse 11 says she had been crippled for 18 years. Do you think maybe she wondered if God had forgotten her? Well, He hadn’t. So whenever you have those times when you feel like Jesus is not listening or is no where to be found, remember that Scripture is true – and He does see you. It may not feel like it – 18 years might pass – but He does.

~ Jesus called her over. He could have healed her from where she was. I mean, she was “bent over and could not fully straighten herself!” It probably wasn’t easy for her to walk over. She may have been really slow. But He called her over. She had to actually do something. She had to get up and walk to Him. In front of everyone. On the Sabbath.

Verse 13 – “And he laid his hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and she glorified God. “

A thought: What if she hadn’t walked over? Would she have missed the blessing of her healing? Would all of the people watching missed how she glorified God?

Verse 17b – “… and all the people rejoiced at all the glorious things that were done by him.”

Am I obedient when God calls me to do something? Have I – or others – missed any blessings because I didn’t do what He asked me to do?

Oh, the living and active sword. Straight to my heart.

Lord, give me courage to be obedient to your calling.

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