Colossians 4:17 - See that you fulfill your calling.

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During the time I was praying about whether to take the plunge and start this business and blog, I just happened to come across a blog post by Beth Moore. I say that tongue-in-cheek because I don’t think for a second that it happened by chance. Beth was writing specifically to “those who are coming of age”, and even though I don’t think I qualify, I was challenged by her words:

That we can be in Christ and immersed in a community of faith but never fulfill our calling is clear from places in Scripture like Colossians 4:17 where Paul told the brothers at Colossae,

And say to Archippus, “See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.”

No need to exhort somebody to fulfill a ministry if it’s not possible to leave it unfulfilled. There will always be those who are enormously gifted and hold tremendous potential to impact community and globe for the kingdom of God but, like the unfaithful steward in Matthew 25, will bury what they’ve been given until Jesus returns at which point they’ll hand it back to Him looking pretty much like it did when they got it.”

Ouch. Now there’s something to prayerfully ponder.

Am I in Christ but not fulfilling the calling that God gave me?

Do I even know what I’m called to do? {Matthew 22:36-39, Matthew 28:18-20}

This little blog is one way that I am attempting to fulfill my calling. I pray that it will always point you to Jesus and His Word. And I am going to make sure that Colossians 4:17 is always posted in my “office” (I use that term loosely) so that I will never forget! I do not want to be like the unfaithful steward – and I will probably need the constant reminder.

And I would appreciate your prayers!

Like right now would be good.


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Colossians 4:17 - Wondering if you should quit your calling?

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