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~ Today we’re revealing all our favorite Scripture writing supplies to help make it smooth and easy so you can fully concentrate on your time with the Lord. ~

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We get this question a lot: What kind of {pen/Bible/guide/etc.} do you use for your Scripture writing? So we decided to give you the scoop on all our favorite supplies and list them in one convenient place.

Truth be told, one of the many beautiful things about Scripture writing is that it doesn’t require a lot of expensive supplies! But having the right pen, for example, can really make a difference.

You don’t want to ruin a whole journal with ink that bleeds through to the back of the page, right?

So we’ve done the experimenting for you and our recommendations are below.

The following list will be a great help if you are making a gift basket for your favorite Bible lover!

But first, always remember that there is only One who can supply all your needs …

Philippians 4:19 Scripture Art
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Our Favorite Scripture Writing Supplies


You can’t write Scripture without a Bible – unless you have it all memorized! {grin}


We like to recommend parallel Bibles so you can read several versions side by side.

As for study Bibles, Alyson and Heather are both enjoying the excellent study notes in this beautiful navy …

Or maybe you’d like to listen to your Bible. Heather loves the Dwell App on her phone. She uses it to read while listening to the App to help her focus during her early morning quiet time.


This is not exactly a supply, but prayer is most definitely essential for Scripture writing.

We recommend you keep this verse with your supplies to remind you to always start your Scripture writing with prayer.

  • Psalm 119:18 (ESV): Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.

Note: We send this verse on a glossy bookmark with each journal order. But you can also purchase a printable one HERE.

Scripture Writing Guides

So how do you decide what verse to write each day? We definitely recommend that you have a plan in place so you won’t have to spend precious time deciding what to read every day.

This is why we like 365 journals. You only have to spend time deciding once a year!

Our Scripture writing journals come in 3 different formats: hard cover, soft cover, and printable.

Scripture writing journal


Our Scripture Writing Journals have 70# paper pages which is perfect to accommodate most pens.

If you use our printable Scripture Writing Pages, be sure to use premium copy paper so your pen won’t bleed through.


Using a no-bleed pen is essential for Scripture writing. Here are a few suggestions that we have tried. Alyson uses the Pigma Micron pens exclusively because they won’t fade through the years.

Underling can be fun with these dual tip pens …

Scripture writing pens


If you really want to be sure that your writing won’t bleed through, or if you can’t use premium paper, try colored pencils.

Letter Writing Guide

If you want to write in a straight line without having to draw and erase pencil lines, use a letter writing guide like this one

letter writing guide


Scripture Notebook

Build your very own personal Scripture notebook! (Shop the notebook above here.)

We have the perfect Scripture Notebook Kits to get you going – and keep you going EVERY day.

That’s our goal.

Or, if you use our half-page Scripture writing / planner pages, here are some great mini binders for them.

Scripture writing binder

Hole Punchers

If you use the binders above, you will make your life SO much easier by getting a 3-hole punch.


New to Scripture writing? Be sure to read about our Ideal formula for success which we’ve put on a convenient bookmark to keep in your Bible or Scripture writing journal!

Scripture Writing Bookmark (printable)


Do you have a designated place for all your Scripture writing supplies? Here are some ideas …

Bible Studies

We often select verses to write from what God is teaching us out of the Bible study workbook we happen to be going through at the time. If you would like to see our Bible study recommendations, click HERE for the list.

More Miscellaneous Stuff We Like

Just for fun!

Karin Brushmarker Pens

That’s all for now. But the good news is we will keep adding to this page, so come back later to see what’s new!

Scripture Writing Supplies
*My prayer for you is … that this blog will inspire you to open your Bible every single day to seek God’s face and write His Word on your heart – because HE’S the key to lasting heart change!

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