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~ Today’s post reveals the why and the how-to of making a Scripture writing keepsake using one of our Scripture Writing Journals or DIY verse journaling pages. ~

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A few years ago, I rounded up some recipes that were hand-written by my grandmothers and great-grandmother. I was making a scrapbook of my family tree and I thought it would be cool to include some of their handwriting.

You know, I know computers are slowly trying to take over good ‘ol hand-writing, but I truly hope longhand never goes totally by the wayside.

Because those hand-written recipes are now a treasure to me.

Don’t get me wrong – I like to text and email as much as the next gal, but let’s face it – texts don’t have the same emotional-factor. They don’t hold a candle to the memory-inducing visual of someone’s handwriting.

Think back to the last time you received a snail-mail letter from a family member. I bet you knew who sent it the instant you saw the handwritten address, right? You didn’t even have to open it to have all the feels.

Hand-writing is just plain special.

It can evoke memories of someone’s personality or even the aroma of a traditional every-Christmas jam cake (which is one of the recipes I mentioned above).

Side note: Since rounding up those recipes, I have taken over our family jam cake tradition and now I make it every December. I like to share it with my mom and sister and we eat it for breakfast! Yes, we do. I had to tweak my Nana’s recipe a bit – mostly because I don’t make my own muscadine jam {grin} – but our updated version tastes close enough for us.

So anyway {grin}, my point is …

Handwriting is the perfect tool to make a keepsake.

Scripture writing Journal Keepsake

A keepsake is something you want to treasure and enjoy again and again.

So let’s do it – let’s make a keepsake to enjoy for years to come!

I’ve tried to make it easy for you.

Introducing … keepsake Verse Journals!

See all of Scripture Writing Journals

Last year, a group of us took the Verse Journaling Challenge (which is ongoing – join us!). We committed to writing one verse a day – 365 verses.

It sounded a little daunting in January. But we just took it one week at a time.

And look at us now – with several keepsake journals to enjoy now as well as pass down for generations!

365 Scripture Writing Journal - Change your heart one day at a time!

We will wrap up the challenge with several “prizes” to show for it …

  1. We will have a keepsake Verse Journal as a remembrance of all God taught us that year. (Isaiah 30:8)
  2. We will have a new everyday habit that brings joy and peace. (Psalm 85:8)
  3. We will have transformed hearts from being in God’s Word every day. (Hebrews 4:12)
  4. We will have gained more understanding of God’s Word. (Luke 24:45)
  5. We will have grown closer to Jesus! (James 4:8)

Now for number 6, I’ve saved the best “prize” for last!

Just take a look at this …

John 6:63 Bible Calligraphy Scripture Art
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John 6:63 (ESV): The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.

That was Jesus speaking. 

He clearly gave us the secret to spirit and life! 

His Word. 

Do we realize the magnitude of what we have in His Word?

Why would we ever miss a day? 

This is why I write a verse in my keepsake Scripture Journal every day.

Most days I do more than that, but I make sure to at least write one verse.

Every single day. It’s not hard.  

I want fresh Spirit and life every single day!

Scripture Writing Journal

I also hope to pass down more than just a keepsake, but also this every-day-ness in the Word to future generations. 

There is nothing better that I can give them.

Want to learn how to make a keepsake to pass down to your kids and grandkids that will inspire them to spend daily time in God’s Word?

Just keep reading – the “How To” is next!

How to make a Scripture writing keepsake

How to Make a Scripture Writing Keepsake

It’s easy!

You only need 3 things …

{1} A Verse Journal

You can either get one of our Scripture writing Journals HERE (dated or undated; hard cover or soft cover), or you can DIY by printing out our verse journal pages HERE and adding them to a notebook. And of course, you can also use any ruled plain journal.

{2} A Bible

You will need a copy of the Bible – either a hard copy or an online version. If possible, I suggest you use a parallel Bible (like this hard copy or this one online) so you can read the verse in several different versions and then choose one to write.

{3} A No-Bleed Pen

This one may seem trivial, but it is super important to use a pen that doesn’t bleed through the page to the other side. If you have a favorite pen, be sure to test it first before writing a whole verse. Also, if you decide to print out our verse journal pages, make sure to use premium paper like this to keep the ink from bleeding through. Here are some pen suggestions …

Scripture writing - the colorful way

One of the wonderful perks of daily verse writing is that it automatically builds a new habit into your life.

Have you ever kept a habit log? Maybe you wanted to start exercising every day and you made a chart to check off each accomplishment.

Well, our verse journal is basically a habit log, but BETTER!

Who wants a plain old check mark on a chart when you can have a daily Bible verse in a keepsake watercolor journal!

Keeping a habit log has been proven to make new habits stick. And I am here to tell you that there is no better habit than daily time with the Lord in His Word.


It’s better than exercising. Better than drinking 8 glasses of water a day or eating right. Better than, well … all the possibilities.

Time spent with Jesus in His Word is THE best habit.

So I’d like to challenge you to begin this new habit today! If you want accountability like I do, then click HERE to join our private encouragement group.

I look forward to sharing, and learning, and growing, and watching God transform our hearts together!

*My prayer for you is … that this blog will inspire you to open your Bible every single day to seek God’s face and write His Word on your heart – because HE’S the key to lasting heart change!

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Scripture writing journal keepsake - write 365 verses!

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