Romans Road Printable Booklet

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Have you ever noticed how most Romans Road booklets look kind of … well, blah?

Today we are going to change that!

Romans Road tracts have been around a long time and they are a wonderful tool to help explain the gospel. But they don’t have to look like they’ve been around a long time, right?

So let’s make a booklet nice enough for someone to actually want to keep …

  • to cut into Memory Verse Cards
  • to use as bookmarks
  • to put in mini frames
  • And of course, to fold into a booklet to pass along!

Welcome to the hand-lettered Romans Road Printable Booklet that is pretty enough to keep!

It’s easy to print and fold. Just follow these steps …

1 – Print several copies of this Roman Road PDF so you can have them ready to hand out when God provides the opportunity. Don’t forget to ask God each morning to send the opportunities! And see below for exact words to say.

Romans Road Printable

2 – Take one sheet and fold it in half longways as shown below. This is known as the hot dog fold.

The Romans Road Printable PDF

3 – Then fold that “hot dog” in half as shown below.

Romans Road Printable Tract

4 – Then fold it in half yet again as shown below. It’s starting to look like a booklet, but it’s not yet.

Romans Road to salvation printable folded booklet

5 – Open it all the way up, so you can see all the fold lines.

6 Page Folded Booklet

6 – Now fold the paper the other way as shown below – this is called the hamburger fold. Then slowly cut along the middle fold (shown below), beginning on the folded side. Only cut half way – so that you stop cutting when you meet the next fold-line.

Romans Road to salvation printable PDF booklet

7 – Here’s how it will look. The cut slit is only on the middle pages. The outer pages still have a fold.

Roman Road Printable

8 – Now fold the paper longways (hot dog fold) and push the outer pages toward the middle making a diamond shape opening.

Romans Road Printable Booklet

9 – Keep pushing it all towards the center as shown below. Some fold-lines will have to be refolded in a new direction to make your cover page be on the front.

Romans Road Printable Booklet

10 – Press down all the new folds. (Use scissor handles if you need to.) No staples needed!

Ta Da!

You are now ready to share the Romans Road to salvation on a moment’s notice.

Want to know what to say with your booklet?

  1. On page one say: Some people think being a good person will get you into heaven. But Romans 3:23 explains that we all have sinned and fall short of “good.” So that plan is not going to work.
  2. On page two say: Romans 6:23 explains that the price of sin is death. But Jesus offers us the free gift of eternal life if we will accept it.
  3. On page three say: Romans 5:8 tells us that the way the amazing free gift works is that Jesus took our place and died for our sin.
  4. On page four say: If you want to accept this free gift from Jesus and be saved from death, call on Him in prayer, like it says in Romans 10:13.
  5. On page five say: How? Romans 10:9 says to pray and confess that you are a sinner and ask for forgiveness. Confess that you believe that Jesus died for you and rose again and is now alive in your heart.
  6. On page six say: Romans 5:1 explains that after that genuine prayer, you will be justified by your new faith. Your sins will be forgiven and you will have peace with God. You will begin a whole new life today!

Now get going – get sharing! Let me know how it goes – It’s always encouraging to hear your stories.

Get your lovely Romans Road Printable PDF here.

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*My prayer for you is … that this blog will inspire you to open your Bible every single day to seek God’s face and write His Word on your heart – because HE’S the key to lasting heart change!

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